Magic Members has been designed to be one of the most powerful wordpress membership site plugins available. It is not only feature-rich, but is also extremely simple to integrate and use. Most wordpress membership site plugins either lack the features necessary to maximize your profitability or are difficult to integrate and use. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features that make Magic Members a cut above the rest.

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WordPress has become one of the most widely used platforms to create and manage membership sites. As more and more users turn to wordpress for their membership site needs, the membership plugins have continued to evolve and the new generation of WordPress membership plugins can do it all. To illustrate how much things have changed, lets look at what used to be involved in setting up a membership site using WordPress.

To set up a membership site using wordpress, webmasters needed separate plugins to manage all of the following:

1. Process Payments
2. Set-Up Billing/Subscriptions
3. Auto Re-bill/Manage Subscriptions
4. Create a secure members only area

These four plugins were the minimum that were necessary to create a functioning membership website. To add more features, more plugins were needed and all of the plugins needed to be tailored to work well with each other. Continue reading “Simplicity and the New Generation of WordPress Membership Plugins” »

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