Promote Your WordPress Membership Website

5 Copywriting Techniques You Should Steal from Email Marketers to Promote Your WordPress
Membership Website

When most people hear the word “Copywriting” they immediately imagine expensive split testing strategies
on long form and short form landing pages and sales pages. The truth is copywriting is increasingly prevalent
for email marketers as our inboxes receive more emails every day. While many of the basic ideas of
copywriting are applicable across all platforms, there are five copywriting techniques email marketers have
mastered which you can use to promote your WordPress membership website either via email or other
outlets such as social media.

Create Multiple Versions of Your Marketing Properties

While split testing is popular across all platforms, email marketers take it one step further and create a
minimum of three or four versions of each email. Using the same strategy for promoting your content on
Facebook or other social media platforms will allow you to quickly identify what pain points and persuasion
styles are most receptive to your target market. Continue reading “Promote Your WordPress Membership Website” »

How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Membership Website

How to Use Facebook Ads to Distribute Content and Promote Your Membership Website

The most profitable membership websites not only create value for pain members but also provide a free
preview of the content potential members will get access to. One way to do this is by offering a free trial but
the strategy which has consistently proven effective is to offer both free and paid content. The issue new
membership websites run into is no one is viewing the free content so there is no incentive for potential
members to sign up. And easy way to distribute and promote your website content is using Facebook ads.
Fortunately, creating and implementing effective Facebook ads to distribute content doesn’t have to be
difficult, overwhelming, or expensive if you follow these simple steps. Continue reading “How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Membership Website” »

Choosing the Right Payment Gateway

Choosing the Right Payment Gateway

6 Reasons Choosing the Right Payment Gateway and Integration is Critical

Payment gateways are the technology which ties together your membership site and the payment
network. Essentially, it creates a connection between the credit card being used to make a purchase and
the company that is authorizing the sale.

1. Eliminate the Risk of Recurring Payment Processing Issues

Not all payment gateways make it easy to set up recurring payment processing. A majority of
membership websites rely on some form of recurring payment be it weekly, monthly, or annually. Along
with processing the payment, it is important to select a payment gateway which alerts you when a
payment does not go through. Ideally, this process is automated and hands-free.
Source: guide/

2. Easily Adapt to a Growing Global Audience

The ability to accept debit and credit card payments provides a membership site with a global reach. The
global market share of credit cards and debit cards in circulation isn’t led by a single dominant brand
such as Visa or MasterCard but rather a combination of private label solutions which continue to grow in
popularity. Private label cards can be issued by specific banks, employers, and online retailers. If you
eliminate the combined total of private label solutions, Visa is responsible for the most purchase
transactions globally with MasterCard a distant second.


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Hosting Recommendations for Membership Sites

Hosting Recommendations for Membership Sites

There are a growing number of excellent website hosts for membership sites. At the same time, there are
many popular names which don’t provide website owners with everything they need to host their
membership site. The key to selecting the right host for your membership site is understanding the key
features necessary to provide fast, efficient, cost effective solutions.

Is SSD Important?

The hosting environment is in a state of transition. Many of the first movers are moving to solid-state drives
whereas some of the most popular brands remain operating in a hard disk drive environment. This raises the
initial question of whether and SSD host is preferable to a standard host. The truth is choosing a host which
offers and SSD environment provides numerous benefits over your basic hard drive host.

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Membership Websites Infographic

8 Benefits of Membership Websites Infographic

Not only is the popularity of WordPress as a content management system growing, but the use of the WordPress platform to support membership sites is growing as well. Take a look at the top reasons many individuals and brands are adding a membership site or members only area to their website.

Maximum Per-Customer Value

The top reason more websites are adding a member’s only area or becoming a full-fledged membership website is because it maximizes per customer value. Depending on the study, it can take potential customers 6 to 10 times viewing and advertisement before making a purchasing decision. It becomes even more difficult to get people to view advertisements via email as more people set up email addresses solely for brain communication. More than one third of people open a separate account solely for brain communication and this number jumps to 58% for millennials. Creating a member’s only area provides brands with a centralized location to regularly communicate with customers.
Membership Site Plugins Make Setup Easy

The WordPress platform adds additional features using plug-ins. Third-party plug-ins are essentially a separate piece of code which leverages the built-in functionality of WordPress to expand a website’s capabilities. WordPress membership site plug-ins make adding a member’s only area or building a full-fledged membership website easy. Installing a plug-in takes just a few clicks and all the customization options can be easily accessed through the WordPress dashboard.
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