Magic Members Integration

Magic Members Makes Integrating Easy was first started in 1996 and has garnered the reputation as an industry leader among online payment gateways. In 2006, it was purchased by the CyberSource Corporation, which has established a positive reputation of its own in the area of online and technology related security. operates in 4 distinct areas: online, retail, MOTO, and Mobile. Features and Benefits
• Payments – allows you to accept every major credit card, e-checks, gift cards, and a variety of debit cards
• Merchant Interface – The merchant interface is on a secure website that is easily accessible by all merchants. It will give you a single location in which to manage your transactions, alter account settings, view statements, create customized reports, and much more.
• Security – All of your members data, as well as your own, will be kept safe though a number of safeguards. This includes a 128 bit SSL as well as meeting the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Statement on Auditing Standards #70 (SAS 70), and several others.
• Simple Checkout – A large amount of potential customers are lost during the checkout phase. This is primarily because there are too many steps during the checkout process. By using Simple Checkout, you will be able to customize a variety of settings and streamline the checkout process. Fees

There are a variety of fees that can be applied to an depending on what, if any, additional services you choose to utilize.
• Setup Fee – This fee will vary based upon the reseller that you sign up with. The suggested retail price is $99, however some resellers have published prices as high at $200+. This is a one time fee that is used to get everything set up.
• Monthly Gateway Fee – This fee carries a suggested retail value of $20.
• Transaction Fee – The transaction fee will vary based upon reseller, however the suggested retail price is $0.10.
• Batch Fee – You will also pay a suggested retail price of $.25 per batch of settled credit card transactions.
• Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (Optional) – This carries a monthly fee of $9.95 and is a more comprehensive and active fraud detection system.
• Automated Recurring Billing (Optional) – This is feature that most people with a membership site will pay for because it will automate the re-billing process for $10 per month.
• There are several other optional services as well at varying price points.

Magic Members Integration

Once you have enable the module (which takes only 1 click), you will need to enter some personal account information such as you API Login ID, API Transaction ID, Default Post Purchase Price, and you will be able to make modifications to the automated emails that are sent out as well.

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