After the upgrade please access to the Members menu once to load the UI to sync data with cron
-improved- Cron by pplitting and organizing the process with user meta query
-added- Shortcode button that list available shortcodes in Post writing page
-added- Coupon error messages for Upgrade page, Extend page and Other Membership Level Purchase page
-added- User meta query search via sync member data to usermeta. Details can be found at docs/user_query_setup.txt in the zip file
-added- Support for module development and loading via external plugin
-added- New filters for registration emails. Details can be checked in the docs folder
-added- New search filter for member search by transaction id and module
-fixed- Autoresponder problem with users who register with Manual Payment
-fixed- Autoresponder integration when a user upgrades his account
-fixed- Update user accounts error on some cases
-fixed- Buddypress registration conflict
-fixed- Status search in Members menu
-fixed- Pack display for complete_payment
-fixed- Encoding problem for foreign letters in E-mails section
-fixed- Pending payment e-mail when multiple membership level purchase occurs

Magic Members V.1.8.11 now available. You can download it from Magic Members’ dashboard.

-fixed- Autoresponders when user_purchase_another_membership used for Free membership levels
-fixed- Facebook login issue affecting the regular login form
-fixed- CCBill Currency Code issue for PayPerPost
-fixed- Apply as new subscription checkbox
-fixed- Checbox field saving issue on profile pages
-fixed- ClickBank coupon use on Upgrade and Extend pages
-fixed- Login widget form focus
-fixed- User Export
-fixed- Call to a member function get() error due to plugin conflicts
-added- Action hook mgm_rebill_status_change
-added- Reset Sidebar Widget Settings option in Tools –> System Reset

Magic Members V.1.8.9 now available. You can download it from Magic Members’ dashboard.

-fixed- Authorize.Net free trial recurring issue
-fixed- PayPal Express Checkout – User id field is empty issue
-fixed- Post Delay issue when manually assign a subscription pack to a user.
-fixed- Display issue on Membership Details page when “Default (Assign)” is selected
-fixed- Post Preview option for user roles
-fixed- Apply as new subscription checkbox wasn’t working
-fixed- Content protection when tag is added in the content
-fixed- Trial duration and regular duration sums up for the user’s expiration date
-fixed- Checkboxes were not saving after updating with a new option in profile page
-fixed- CCBill Currency Code issue for PayPerPost
-removed- Requiring a default option for Checkbox fields
-modified- Pagseguro “Awaiting Payment” status
-added- Support for 0 cost when Manual Payment is enabled. This way registration will work like an approval system even the registration is free
-added- Auto unsubscribe option from Autoresponders when the user account expires
-added- Option to add users to the Autoresponder lists manually via Update Member Account menu

Magic Members Now Supports 3rd Party Payment Gateway and Autoresponder Integrations

You will be able to add new payment gateways and autoreponders into Magic Members with the provided documentation..

P.S Documentation will be provided to you when you make a purchase.
Please contact us

We’re glad to announce you that version 1.6 is out.
So, what’s new with the latest update:

– Completely new registration process.
From now on, you will have all registration process on the front side of your site. No more WordPress back end.

– New shortcode and page URL support.
You will have Register, Profile, Transactions, Login and Lost Password on the front end your website.

– Roles and Capabilities support.
Actually more than that. With version 1.6 you will have built-in Roles and Capabilities module. You won’t need to install other plugins and experience compatibility issues. You can create custom roles and attach them to any subscription pack you want.

– Custom E-mail Templates section got wider.
Here’s the full list of customizable e-mails: Continue reading “Magic Members 1.6. Welcomes You with Great Features” »

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