We know it’s hard to maintain a good adult business. You need the perfect content protection system with correct gateway integration. Magic Members has one of the most advanced content protection in the market. With the power of Magic Members combined with WordPress, you can easily protect any post/page or custom post type in your site. It also has integration with leading adult payment gateways like CCbill, Zombaio and Epoch.

These gateways all support Subscription Purchases, Single Post/Video Purchases and Coupon support.



Subscription Purchases

Magic Members will allow you to create unlimited Membership Levels. Within each level, you can create as many subscription pack as you want. Subscription packs are the payment and duration options for the same membership levels.

ex: The Gold membership level. You can create 3 different subscription packs under it. They can be weekly, monthly, annually or any other cycle period you want like every 11 days. Whoever purchase any of these 3 subscription packs will access to the same content because they all purchased Gold level. However, their access duration will be different.

Post/Video Purchases

You can sell individual content with Magic Members, too. You can publish your videos in a page/post and set a price for it. You can even set how many days or how many times that page/post is accessible. You can also set a date limit for the purchase.

Coupon Support

Without promotion codes marketing would be hard. Magic Members combines the coupon codes with your preferred payment gateways even if they don’t support them. You can set percentage based or flat rate discounts easily.


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