7 Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

7 Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

Many businesses have problems effectively integrating Instagram into their digital marketing strategy. Using Instagram isn’t necessarily difficult but it does take time and effort to understand and implement effectively. Fortunately, the seven simple tips for using Instagram for your business will make getting started easy and help develop a general understanding of what Instagram has to offer.

Take Time to Get Comfortable with Instagram Before Developing Your Business Strategy One step most people overlook is getting comfortable with the Instagram interface. They are so focused on integrating Instagram that they learn on the fly. While it is unnecessary to know everything about Instagram before getting started, it is essential to know the basics and set up an effective profile. Plus, getting comfortable with Instagram makes it easier to dream up new ways to leverage it for your business.

Instagram Tells a Story and It Can’t Be All Business

Unlike most social media platforms Instagram is specifically designed to tell a story. While your main story is going to be about your business it can’t only be about your business. It is critical to make your Instagram profile interesting and fun for people who are not familiar with what you do or what you offer otherwise they likely will not take the time to learn more about your business.

Cross Market Across Platforms

While Instagram is very powerful on its own it is even more powerful when combined with other platforms, particularly Facebook. Marketing across multiple platforms not only help your business create a cohesive marketing strategy but also allows you to leverage multiple platforms and integrate audiences. This extends the digital marketing reach of your business while also ensuring a cohesive message is delivered to everyone.

Reward Your Followers

Rewarding your followers is a great way to make Instagram more effective for your business. Something as simple as and Instagram only discount once in a while will be enough to get people talking and encourage more people to follow your profile and engage with your business.

Creativity Is a Requirement

There are some social media platforms where you can hide behind quality, in-depth content but Instagram is not one of them. Instagram requires a degree of creativity to get noticed. This doesn’t mean a business should go crazy but it does mean a different skill set may be required to effectively leverage Instagram.

Don’t Be Afraid of Hashtags and Mentions

If you want to use Instagram for your business it is important to not be afraid of hashtags and mentions. It can be very effective to draw and other causes or businesses using hashtags and mentions because it will capture the attention of their audience. This is particularly beneficial when partnering with nonprofits or local events.

Find Out What Works for Your Business

The final tip for using Instagram for your business is both the least helpful and the most important – find out what works for your business. There is no single template or digital marketing strategy to work for every business on Instagram. There is going to be some successes and some failures. It is important to devote the time and energy necessary to find out what the successes are and why they were more effective than other strategies. Every business is different so it shouldn’t be surprising that every Instagram strategy should be a little different too.

  • Bailey says:

    Using Instagram as a primary social media marketing channel has always been a problem for me. Looking at your tips there are a few things I can try. The most important one might be adding more fun content rather than focusing solely on my niche from a business perspective. I started out putting stuff on Instagram that I also fed into Facebook and Twitter and didn’t get much response. This could be the same problem I’m having on Pinterest. A better idea might be to have a separate strategy for Pinterest and Instagram than I do my other social media content.

    Another tip that might be helpful is using more hashtags and mentions. I have been hesitant to use many of these because I haven’t taken much time to look outside my niche to see what popular hashtags are trending. I have pretty much stuck to similar tags as what I use on Twitter which may be part of the problem.
    Thanks for the ideas. I will try to use some of these in the future and will try and remember to report back and let you know how it went.

  • Graphic Nova says:

    Instagram is one of the famous social media platforms. If you have a business you should use Instagram as well as Pinterest and Facebook.

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