5 Steps to Releasing Content Consistently on Your Membership Site

5 Steps to Releasing Content Consistently on Your Membership Site

The most common aspect of membership site management that owners struggle with, to the detriment of their site, is the ability to release content consistently. The process of the creating content varies from one membership site to the next depending upon the type of content they create and how it is delivered but that should have no impact on the ability to release content to members on a consistent basis. Similar to creating content the key to releasing content consistently is developing and implementing an effective, repeatable process.

5 Steps to Releasing Content Consistently on Your Membership Site

1. Determine a Release Schedule

The first step to releasing content consistently is making it is priority. A simple way to do this is by setting up a release schedule. Depending on how mature the membership site is this schedule can vary a great deal. Creating a release schedule serves the same purpose as any other development schedule. It creates a trackable, manageable way to release content. It also provides visual motivation for making content a priority. Plus, a lot of people think they are releasing content consistently because it “feels” they are consistent. A release schedule provides a visual way to make sure content is actually released on a consistent basis.

2. Create Buffer Content

The second step is to create a small amount of buffer content. Most people recommend to have anywhere from one to three months of content stashed. This content will serve as a stop-gap in the event the primary content is not available for release at its target publishing date. In the perfect scenario this content will never be used but it is an important safeguard to have in place.

3. Identify an Effective Process to Creating Quality Content

The third step is identifying and creating an effective process to create quality content. Until you have a specific process in place it will be impossible to effectively manage and improve the content creation process. This process will also act as a guideline for setting up a content creation calendar which can meet the demands of your release schedule.

4. Develop a Content Creation Calendar

After you know what your content creation processes are and how quick your release schedule is it becomes possible to create a coherent content creation calendar. The purpose of this calendar is to identify the dates every step in the content creation process must be completed in order to meet the release schedule demands. If possible, building some extra time into the content creation calendar is always a good idea so it is easy to compensate for unexpected delays.

5. Continually Improve the Process

With the three core tools (release schedule, creation process, and calendar) you should consistently analyze their processes in search of ways to improve them. This could be by actually tweaking internal steps or it could be finding ways to incorporate previously used content. It could even be integrating additional types of content to reduce the resources required to create content. By constantly aiming to improve these processes it will quickly become easier to create and distribute high quality content on a consistent basis.

  • Drip-feed feature is a must for membership site plugins. Magic Members membership plugin for WordPress has a great content drip-feed feature.

  • When I first got into building membership websites releasing new content on a regular basis was definitely a problem. Setting up a release schedule did help but I did a bad job following it so the overall value was limited. The two best tips in these five steps is to create buffer content and identify an effective process to create quality content.

    Creating buffer content was a lifesaver because there would be weeks I just didn’t want to make anything for my membership site. Fortunately, I was doing a bunch of guest posting at the time and could repurpose it within my member area with only a few tweaks in order to create “new” content.

    The best tip is definitely to find an effective process to create content because then you can outsource it. I’ve tried outsourcing content creation without providing much guidance aside from a topic area and it rarely went well. When it comes to content outsourcing you definitely get what you pay for but I have found a few inexpensive options that were great in the short term. Unfortunately, they realize they did a good job and quickly increase their prices 😊

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