5 Reasons That a WordPress Membership Site is the Way to Go

5 Reasons That a WordPress Membership Site is the Way to Go

By combining the power of WordPress and the right plugins, you have the ability to create a stunning and profitable WordPress membership site. In fact, WordPress has become the most popular option available for webmasters who are thinking about creating and maintaining a membership site. If you haven’t worked with WordPress before or still consider it a blog platform then you may be a little hesitant. Here are 5 reasons that a WordPress membership site is currently the best option available.

1. Simplicity

If there is one thing that WordPress is known for it is simplicity. It was originally designed to be a basic blogging platform that would allow anyone to start their own blog, even if they had no prior website creation experience. Since then, WordPress has added a number of features and has become a top tier content management system. At the same time, it is still held firm to the idea that the WordPress core should be simple to use regardless of your experience.

2. Flexibility

Another benefit of creating a WordPress membership site is that you will be afforded maximum flexibility. WordPress, along with being simple, was also designed to be extremely flexible. For example, by adding nothing else except the Magic Members plugin you can turn a regular site into a premium membership site within minutes. Plugins provide WordPress users with maximum flexibility because they are designed to accomplish any task that you want while still working with the WordPress core.

3. Minimum Technical Issues

One of the biggest drawbacks with most content management systems is that adding third party software is often quite a hassle. Compatibility problems are not uncommon, especially if you are using a customized CMS. To compound the problems, most software developers are of little assistance because they tell you that their software is fine so the problem must be with the CMS. By using WordPress you can bypass this problem because all of the plugins are specifically designed to integrate with the WordPress core. While there is still a marginal chance that two plugins may not play nicely together, finding a solution is much easier because you can already rule out the WordPress core as the problem.

4. Easy to Use

Ease of use is a benefit that is often overlooked. By creating a WordPress membership site you have the ability to create, maintain, and update your site from a single, organized location. If you are not using a CMS or are using separate third party membership management software then this simply isn’t possible. You will have to upload and edit your content in one area, edit the website layout in another, and then go to another area to deal with the membership software. This decentralized approach is not only hard to manage but also hard to track. By using WordPress, you get a centralized location in which you can take care of everything.

5. Fluidity

WordPress has become well known for having one of the largest, active, and most talented pool of developers. By creating a WordPress membership site, you can leverage all of their talent to create an excellent finished product. Plus, you know that WordPress will continue to improve in the future.

  • Mikko says:


    I’m considering your membership plugin, but before I purchase, I’d like to know if I can import members from the membership plugin I’m using now? If there’s no import tool as such, adding members manually would be enough. Is that possible?

    Thanks, and sorry about asking this here, but I couldn’t find any other way to contact you for presales questions.

  • admin says:


    Thank you for your interest in Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugin.
    You may use our support ticket system to ask your questions at;

  • All of the reasons you talk about our great examples of why WordPress is one of the best platforms to host a membership site on. I also want to point out that WordPress is the most popular platforms so there will be a variety of additional third-party integrations you can use to create the perfect membership experience. This is touched upon in point 5 – fluidity but is worth expanding on.

    Over the past year or so I have noticed a huge increase and premium WordPress plug-ins which had essential functionality to any type of website. When you combine the active WordPress developer community with the ability for premium plug-ins to be a sustainable business model I think it points to a positive future for the platform. There are a lot of benefits to using WordPress but the ability to rely on premium solutions provides extra peace of mind that I haven’t found with some other popular platforms which offer a similar level of control over customization and website size.

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