5 Reasons to Start Your Membership Site

5 Reasons to Start Your Membership Site

5 Reasons to Start Your Membership Site

There are a number of different reasons you should start a membership site. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time Internet marketer or a small mom-and-pop business looking to generate more sales in your brick-and-mortar store there are notable benefits to starting a membership site. While everyone will realize unique benefits based upon their type of membership site there are seven fundamental benefits a membership website can provide.

1. Recurring Income

The first benefit is recurring income. It doesn’t matter if you charge a small monthly fee for members to join or offer a completely free membership site the website itself becomes an asset which can be leveraged to generate recurring income. Once your membership site is launched you will be able to test a variety of different methods to improve the income it generates either directly or indirectly.

2. Best Way to Leverage Previously Created Content

Another reason to start a membership site is they are proven to be one of the best ways to leverage previously created content. If you created numerous blog posts, articles, videos, and images which you used to promote your brand or business then there is a good chance most of them have only been used a handful of times. And membership site gives you a way to turn them into evergreen content and repeatedly prosper from them.

3. Constant Access to Targeted Buyers

The third reason to start a membership site is it gives you constant access to targeted buyers. Some people treat their membership site the same way they do their list. The unique benefit is members will actively visit your website which makes them more invested in what you are offering. If you are delivering a newsletter to their inbox it is easy for them to glance over it or even delete it without reading it.

4. Provides Unique Testing Ground

The fourth reason membership sites are beneficial is because they provide a unique testing ground. They inherently have people from the target market your products are geared towards. Plus, they are more likely to give honest feedback. Any time you launch a new product you can give it out for free to a select number of members to review and critique. This will allow you to improve every product you create before taking it to market.

5. Simple Way to Enhance Brand

An overlooked benefit of membership sites is they are an easy way to enhance your brand. Brand awareness is half the battle when it comes to online marketing as simple membership site can provide huge benefits in this arena. This is particularly true if you are competing in an industry where a majority of your competitors do not offer a dedicated members area on their website.

There are a variety of other benefits you can gain from adding a membership site to your online marketing strategy. The key is to create compelling content that will keep people coming back for more as well as constantly enticing new members.

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  • Rodrigo says:

    Great article! Im gonna start my membership site very soon!

  • Thank you for the review. We’re trying to build the best WordPress membership site plugin. Magic Members software will have unique features and one of the fastest membership site plug-ins on the market with Version 2.0.

  • Larry D. Pepper says:

    Membership sites are definitely an overlooked tool from a marketing/branding perspective. Even if they are free, they can attract potential buyers that will purchase from you later on. Newsletters/opt-in forms are effective as well, but there is a little more friction to get visitors to sign up for a free membership so they are a more willing to trust you once they sign up – assuming you are providing high quality content.
    The idea that a membership site could be used as a testing ground or focus group for new content, ideas, or products is fascinating. I have never thought about leveraging my membership site in this way before but can see the value in it. The key would seem to be to only test a few things out at a time because if it become solely a testing ground then you will probably lose members if the testing goes poorly.
    Has anyone created a membership site solely by repurposing content? It seems like if you only use content that is freely available elsewhere then you wouldn’t be providing much unique value although just changing the delivery format may be enough to make it feel unique.

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