5 Reason Every Membership Site Should Utilize Content Drip Feeding

Membership Site Should Utilize Content Drip Feeding

Drip feeding content has long been a staple of popular membership sites, especially when continuity membership programs became the norm. Currently there has been a decline in the use of drip feeding as a greater emphasis is placed on social features, live streaming, and webinars. While these activities will continue to become popular, and possibly even essential, components to building a successful membership site that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the value of drip feeding content.

1. Increased Customer Retention

One of the best reasons to drip feed content is it improves customer retention. It doesn’t matter what type of membership site you are running, there is an opportunity to drip feed content as part of your overall strategy. Even if your site is primarily composed of live webinars you can repackage all of the content in those webinars and drip feed it to newer members who have missed previous webinars. You can even drip feed old webinars without altering them. This ensures you members always feel like they are getting access to new content.

2. Less Content Needed Before Launch
Another benefit of drip feeding content is your initial launch phase can be shortened. If you want to launch a fully developed membership site without drip feeding content, then all of the content needs to be created and uploaded beforehand. If you are drip feeding content, you can create enough content for only a month or two and still have a successful launch. Plus, if you suddenly have a lot of content, you can drip feed it over time to your members rather than bombarding them with it all at once.

3. Easier to Gauge How Much Content is Really Needed

An overlooked benefit of drip feeding content is it provides you with an opportunity to determine how much content is really needed. Having too little content is an easy way to quickly lose members but having too much content can be just as bad. Overwhelming your members with content can leave them feeling lost because they don’t know where to start. Drip feeding is an easy way to overcome this potential issue before it ever arises.

4. More Opportunities to Identify Weaknesses

If there is one reason to drip feed content, it is the ability to gather data about your members. By drip feeding content and tracking when members are leaving, you can identify what content is consistently causing people to leave. It could be the content itself, how quickly it is delivered, or even the format it is presented in. By drip feeding content you gain the ability to continually test and tweak your content and its delivery to maximize customer retention.

5. More Resources Can Be Devoted to Other Aspects of Running Your Membership Site

The final benefit of drip feeding content is it frees up additional resources that can be used to further enhance your membership site. In most cases, it will free up both time and money which can be allocated to improving customer retention, adding more functionality, and expanding your promotion efforts.

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  • Steven D. Alvarenga says:

    Drip feeding content has been an essential element for several of my membership sites. Of the five benefits listed, number three definitely rings true. More than once I am surprised at how little content I need in comparison to my original content plan. I think a lot of membership site owners add too much content considering the short lifespan of most members. While attrition is expected, there are some types of membership sites that don’t need a lot of content to be successful. Drip feeding is a great way to lengthen your content without making members feel like they don’t receive anything new on a regular basis.
    The fourth point is interesting and something I have not considered. I am going to go back through some of my previous members and see when they dropped out in comparison to the content I provided that month. This could end up providing valuable data which may lower my attrition rate.

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