5 Key Factors to Drive WordPress Membership Software

5 Key Factors to Drive WordPress Membership Software Purchase Decisions

Choosing the right WordPress membership software can be a tricky, murky, and complicated decision. This has led many people to waste time and money testing out multiple solutions only to end up looking for another one. Fortunately, there is a simple strategy that can be used to ensure website owners always choose a WordPress membership software plugin that will be a great match for their needs.

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Relying on Decision Drivers

The big mistake most people make is they start looking at and comparing available solutions without identifying the key factors which are most important. It doesn’t matter if plugin A has one or two really cool features if the overall framework of the plugin doesn’t fit the needs of the website. Instead of trying to identify the one perfect WordPress membership software plugin the better strategy is identify the key features/factors that it must possess in order to qualify as a potential solution.

Using this process will inevitably lead to the creation of a short-list of possible candidates. The best part is every option available on the short-list is a great choice because it meets the needs of the website owner. As a result, there is no wrong decision to make – even if the “best” option isn’t chosen. The following decision drivers aren’t the only factors to consider, but they are the five most universal factors. Always tailor this list and add additional factors based upon the websites specific needs.

The 5 Most Commonly Used Decision Drivers When Choosing WordPress Membership Software


The first consideration which helps determine the ownership software is price. A majority of website owners who are starting a membership site for the first time have some sort of financial restriction. It is, productive to consider options which are outside of a given price range because it sets realistic expectations.

Ease of Use

The next consideration is the overall ease of use. People who are less tech savvy should focus on purchasing a WordPress membership party in which is easy to set up, manage, and views without any additional coding or modification. On the other hand, people who are comfortable tweaking code as needed are more than happy to purchase a plug-in knowing that they need to make some modifications in order to get the exact specifications we want.

Content Dripping

The third decision driver to use when choosing a WordPress membership software solution is the ability to drip content. While many plug-ins claim to offer this feature, certain volumes have a reputation for being easier to use and more effective it comes to drip content. On the other hand, is this method of content delivery is unnecessary then this decision driver can be ignored.

Pausing/Managing Memberships

Another key decision driver is how memberships are managed. The most time-consuming aspect of managing a membership site is often pausing, updating, and managing memberships of specific members based upon their payments. In order to save time, it is beneficial to choose a solution which is easy-to-use and automatically completes the majority of these types of processes.

Reliability and Integration

The final commonly used decision driver is overall reliability and third-party integration. If a membership solution is not reliable then it will cost website owners a significant amount of time and money over the long run. It can even cost the memorial members if the website constantly has maintenance related issues. Along the same lines, the ability to integrate necessary third-party solutions is also essential. This is particularly true for auto responders and affiliate management solutions.

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  • Thank you for the useful article. We also compared WordPress membership software, Magic Members is one of the best ones among them.

  • Emily B. Bingman says:

    Creating a checklist or set a decision drivers is a great idea. In the past I have found that I just sort of look at the most popular options and try to compare them. Seeing as most of the best solutions offer similar features across the board it can be difficult to compare them. Plus, I end up with a list of 10 or 20 options and can’t effectively compare them and quickly identify which one is the best.
    Next time I make a purchase decision like this I am definitely going create a list of decision drivers and see if that helps. I like the obvious criteria you picked like ease-of-use and content dripping but never thought about specific features like positing or managing memberships individually or automatically. Immigration is a huge deal, especially with word press membership plug-ins that are designed solely to integrate a non-native solution. Generally, solutions developed specifically for WordPress have less compatibility issues over time, especially when word press releases a new update that has a lot of changes. Great tips!

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