4 Ways to Multiply Your Sales with Magic Affiliate

In the Internet marketing sphere, a lot of emphasis has recently been placed on social media and inbound marketing. While all of these methods are effective, the easiest way to leverage their benefits is by attracting active affiliates. Affiliates give you an instant way to spread your brand through social media and inbound marketing efforts without directly investing in the marketing process. Using a powerful plugin like Magic Affiliate gives you a variety of different ways to multiply your sales with little effort.

1. Consistently Communicate with Affiliates

The easiest way to get more sales from your affiliates is by simply communicating with them. Most affiliates have a short attention span. They are always looking for bigger and better products to promote to their followers. By communicating with them on a regular basis, you remain at the forefront of their minds which increases the likelihood they will continue to promote your membership site or product. Along with e-mailing them, Magic Affiliate gives you the opportunity to communicate with them directly through their own personalized affiliate dashboard. Not only does this improve communication, but it continually brings them back to your affiliate program.

2. Nothing Drives Sales Like a Contest

It is extremely common for contests to be held for affiliates when a membership site or product launches, but most of these contests are a one-time thing. By using a flexible plugin like Magic Affiliate you can hold contests on a regular basis. This gives your affiliates another reason to continue promoting your products instead of your competitions. It also motivates them to make your product one of their primary promotions rather than framing it as a complementary product.

3. Set Custom Commission Levels

For most membership sites, 10%-15% of affiliates will generate a majority of the new sales on a consistent basis. These affiliates know how valuable they are to product owners and often request higher commission rates based on their volume. The problem is many affiliate management programs make setting up custom commission levels difficult. Magic Affiliate makes it easy to set up custom commission rates within a matter of seconds to rewards your top affiliates and keep sales rolling in.

4. Create Special Offers for Your Best Affiliates

Along with setting up custom commission levels, the best affiliate marketers also want to set up special offers for their followers. This is especially true of the majority of their promotions are done via sending e-mails to their last. Magic Affiliate makes it easy to set up a custom landing page and tracking link so top affiliates can send their list special offers that are not available to the general public.

A common mistake many product owners make is trying to attract as many affiliates as possible. While more affiliates is better, it is important to not overlook the significant impact a handful of elite affiliate marketers can make. When choosing a WordPress affiliate management plugin, it is essential to make sure it includes the necessary features and functionality to make your offer appealing to the best affiliate marketers in your niche.

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  • Setting up your own affiliate program can seem intimidating at first. Personally, it took me a long time to decide to start using an affiliate program because I thought it would be a lot of work and wasn’t sure if it would be worth my time. None of my websites have the number of affiliates that compare with larger websites but the top earners do a great job driving revenue. I like the tips provided in this article and wanted to give special attention to number three.

    I set up a custom commission level for all of my top affiliates and it has definitely boosted my overall sales. I don’t know about everyone else but it seems like on all of my websites there are a handful affiliates that drive most of my revenue. As a reward, I increase their affiliate payout. I also let other affiliates know that if they reach certain benchmarks, I will increase their commission. As an added bonus, it seems like my best affiliate stick around longer because affiliate turnover is something everyone deals with and can cause significant roles in sales when you are trying to recruit new affiliates to replace high-performing affiliates when they leave.

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