4 Tips to Setup Your Membership Site for Passive Income

4 Tips to Setup Your Membership Site for Passive Income

4 Tips to Setup Your Membership Site for Passive Income

WordPress membership sites remain one of the most popular ways to generate passive income online. The
initial set up of a membership website does take a moderate level of work but the long-term ability to
generate income on a recurring basis once it is set up makes the initial input worthwhile. The key to long-
term passive income from a membership site is making sure it is set up for success.

Create Multiple Front-End Offers

Membership websites can be very profitable, but the reality is it can be difficult to sell potential members on
the benefits of signing up. This stems primarily from the fact they will be paying for access to the website on
a recurring basis which creates a larger than normal psychological barrier. The easy solution is to create
multiple front-end offers. A front-end offer gives potential members something to purchase right away when
they enroll. Having multiple offers allows you to target various corners of your niche while making your
membership site and upsell in the funnel. This allows you to generate passive income not only from your
initial offer but your membership site as well.

Focus on Your Value Proposition
There is so much content online that it is getting more difficult to convince people to sign up for a
membership site solely for more content. Many people suffer from information overload as it is which means
it will be difficult to convince them to purchase more information. To overcome this problem WordPress
membership website developers, need to clearly define why people should enroll in your membership site
and how are you going to be different.

Create an Environment of Interaction
When developing how your website is going to operate over the long run it is important to spend some time
creating an environment of interaction. This could be through a membership website forum within the
members area itself or on another platform such as a private Facebook page. While you will need to spend
some time sparking conversation to get things going, it provides you with an opportunity to allow your
members to create the ongoing content and value of your membership website.

Regular Content Releases Are Critical
Most people will not sign up for membership site and continue to make payments if no new content is
released. The two ways to address this is by either constantly creating new content or drip-feeding content
you’ve previously released. To make a membership site truly passive drip-feeding content provides the best
bang for your buck in terms of content creation. The also allows you to repackage and repurpose content
you’ve previously released in other forms such as video or audio, which increases the perceived value of the
Most people focus on the immediate decision such as selecting a platform like WordPress or choosing a
membership management plug-in like Magic Members, but the long-term results are primarily based on
decisions made after the initial set up. Make sure to follow these 4 tips to set up your membership website
for passive income success.

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