3 Ways to Speed Up the WordPress Membership Site Creation Process

One of the most frustrating aspects of starting a WordPress membership site is the creation process itself. Some people are great promoters, while others are great “behind the scenes” people. Regardless of what you are, the actual creation process can be difficult. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take to speed up the creation process immensely By shortening the creation time, you will be generating profits sooner. Here are 3 ways that you can instantly speed up the creation of your WordPress membership site.

1. Set Limits

One of the biggest problems that many WordPress membership site creators have is that they don’t set limits. If you have all of the time in the world, you could tweak your site forever. In order to make sure that you are not wasting time on unproductive and unprofitable tasks it is vital that you set limits. For example, when creating the content, you don’t need to create all of the content before you open your doors. All you need to do is have enough content to satisfy your oldest member. A lot of people are worried about falling behind so they want to have some reserve content ready as a backup plan. While this is definitely a good idea, you shouldn’t put off your launch simply because you don’t think that you have enough backup content. Once you have a month or two of additional content, you should open your doors.

2. Creating a Time line

If there is anything that can slow your WordPress membership site creation process down it is waiting. You might be waiting for your videos to be created, text to be written, or even be waiting for your website to be designed. Regardless of what you are waiting on, it is slowing you down. The only way to minimize this kind of down time is to create a smart time-line For example, the first thing that you should do is start dealing with the visual aspects and integration aspects of your membership site. This will ensure that you aren’t left waiting. There is nothing worse than having all of your content ready to go but still having to wait on your designer to customize your theme.

3. Leverage WordPress Resources

There is extensive amount of WordPress resources that you can leverage to create your WordPress membership site. Instead of designing your own custom theme, use a free theme or even buy a premium theme and customize it. By doing this you can use the basic template that someone else has already created and tested while still getting that customized look that you want. The same is true for plugins. Always utilize existing plugins whenever possible. While creating a new plugin doesn’t have to be a difficult process, it can be a time consuming one. Plus if you create your own plugin, you also have to do all of the testing which is very time intensive.

While the WordPress membership site creation process isn’t going to happen overnight, it doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out event either. There are a number of ways that you can streamline the creation process so that you will invest the smallest amount of time and resources while still getting a high-end result. 3 simple ways to do this include: setting limits for what you need to create before the launch, create a smart time-line that will minimize the time you waste waiting, and always leverage the vast amount of WordPress resources whenever possible.

  • nate says:

    Thanks for the tips. Setting limits is definitely a problem of mine. I’ve been tweaking my site for two months and like you said “this could go on forever”! I find myself wasting time on important items but not urgent items instead of important and urgent. anyways…thanks again for the tips!

  • Knowhow says:

    There are two additional ways to speed up the word press membership site creation process specifically for people who operate multiple membership sites that are worth pointing out. The first is paying close attention to what you do the first time you set up a word press membership site and create a checklist or process map which you can follow for each new website. This saves a lot of time because all of your resources and timelines are in one place and can be easily altered if needed.

    Another way to speed up the website creation process is to keep track of what you customize. For example, if you use the magic members plug-in there are going to be certain customizations you make based on your niche and your member’s needs. By keeping track of these the initial plug-in set up process will be a lot faster because you know what options need changed. Plus, this ensures you will not forget anything during the setup process which is comforting.

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