3 Ways to Profit From Strategic Login Redirection

What do your members see as soon as they log into your membership site? In most cases, they will probably just see the navigation dashboard or welcome page. While this doesn’t necessarily hurt you, it doesn’t help you either. The Magic Members plugin gives you the ability to create a custom landing page that every member will see as soon as they log into their profile. With the opportunity to show them anything you want, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Here are 3 unique ways that you can profit from creating a strategic login redirection.

1. Gather Information

One option is to create a survey or questionnaire on the landing page. This provides you with a unique opportunity to gather information. More importantly, you are gathering information from active members. This will let you know exactly what they are interested in. With this information, you can tailor upcoming content to meet the needs of your members. You could also use this information to create additional products that can be sold both to members as well as the general public. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to be updating the survey often enough to make sure that a member isn’t seeing the same thing over and over again. The only exception to this is if you are asking very general questions and letting them take control over what information they provide.

2. Promote Other Products
Another option is to cross promote other products. These could be affiliate products, free offers, or even your own products (ideally your higher ticket items). When people first log into the members area, they tend to be at the height of their anticipation because they want to know what they will find. By hitting them with an offer when they are most interested in getting something, you can end up with very good conversion rates.

3. Paid Advertising
If you want to monetize with strategic login redirection, but still want a fairly hands off approach, then selling banner space is the perfect solution. The best part is that you can get top dollar because you can guarantee that every member will see the banner, every time that they log in. You can either sell the space based on a per-view or per-time period basis. Either way, this is a great way to generate a profit without having to do much additional work.

If you use your imagination, there are hundreds of different things that you can do by strategically redirecting members when log into the members area. The best part is that the Magic Members plugin makes this incredibly simple, so that you can set up and modify where you redirect your members to within a matter of minutes.

  • coyette says:

    how y get the documentation about three way to profit login redirection on my home page?

  • matt says:

    So with the login redirection, does this appear when they signup, or every time they login… or can you do both or either one?

  • Marcio says:

    I have a question.
    The member may have an account?
    The member can enter credits (money).?
    And spend on future purchases?
    Thank you!

  • There are some really good ideas in this post. I still fall under the category where when people log into my membership sites they are taken to their dashboard. I never thought of redirecting them to and in between sales page or advertising. I already spend a lot of time cross promoting other products, particularly affiliate products and CPA offers, and redirecting members directly to a short or inexpensive offer is a great idea. I will be implementing this over the next few months as I have time.

    I am not sure how much a login redirection would help with paid advertising assuming the advertising is something like Google ads since you don’t necessarily want people clicking on them and leaving your membership site. The only way I see this to be a profitable option is to sell the advertising space directly to advertisers. The problem is many advertisers won’t know you’re doing this so it could be a tough sell. Either way – it’s something to keep in mind.

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