3 Ways the Magic Members WordPress Plugin Can Improve Your Member Retention Rate

There are a large number of ways that the Magic Members plugin can improve your member retention rate. For most membership site owners, the member retention rate or membership renewal rate is one of the most important factors in determining how successful their membership site will be. This means that anything that you can do to improve this facet of your membership site will benefit your overall level of success. Fortunately, there are a number features built into the Magic Members WordPress plugin that will help you retain members at a higher rate.

1. Reminders

One thing that a lot of the membership plugins and membership software overlook is flexibility when it comes to sending renewal notices to members. If a member has not yet renewed their membership, then this time can prove to be a very critical one. You want to make sure that the member has ample warning to make their payment as well as additional incentives to remain a member. Magic Members gives you ultimate control because it allows you to both customize the messages that are sent, but also the intervals and times that they will be sent. You don’t want to remind a member a day before they must make a payment, you want to remind them a week before and 5 days before, and 2 days before, and of course the day of. This keeps the issue in forefront of their mind. Additionally, because you can customize your messages, you can easily offer a “free bonus report” if they renew.

2. Drip Feeding Content

One of the biggest problems that membership site owners can have is that someone signs up for a free trial or a one month membership and comes in an takes everything. They don’t stop to read anything, they just download or copy and paste every drop of information in the members area. Then they either cancel their membership or ask for a refund (especially if you offer a 30 day refund policy). In order to stop this from happening, the easiest thing to do is use the Magic Members plugin to slowly drip feed content. This means that all of your content will slowly be made available over time instead of all at once.

3. Forum Integration

If there is one thing that will help make a membership site successful it is a members-only forum. Creating a social environment gives members a sense of belonging, which is something that will always keep them coming back for more. As an added bonus, a forum acts as valuable content, even though you do not have to create any of it. You can even use the Magic Members plugin only manage a private forum, while leaving the rest of your website public.

There are a variety of additional features that you can use to keep your members happy and renewing their membership month after month. The key is to identify what your members need and make sure that you give it to them. Once the basics are covered, it is time to really dive into these additional features to make your membership website truly valuable.

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