3 Ways That the Magic Members Plugin Can Improve Your SEO

One of the biggest problems with creating a membership site out of a blog, especially using WordPress, is SEO. Fortunately, the Magic Members plugin can easily enhance your membership sites SERP’s. The key is know which Magic Members features are the most useful for SEO purposes as well as how to use them effectively. Here are 3 ways that you can use the Magic Members features to enhance your SEO efforts.

1.  Partial Content Display

One of the biggest SEO problems that membership sites have is that they simply don’t have very much free content that is being indexed by search engines. The Magic Members plugin allows you to create a partial content display. Essentially, you can make the first paragraph or more publicly viewable. This will multiply the amount of pages being indexed as well as boost the number of pages that can be utilized for back linking purposes. As an added bonus, by giving away a portion of the content for free, potential members can get a better idea of what you are offering. It is also an excellent way to profit from the Pay Per Post Access that the Magic Members plugin allows.

2.  Unlimited Coupon Creation

Many people do not think about using coupons for SEO purposes, however they are one of the most effective tools available. There are a large number of coupon sites that carry a high page rank. By creating a coupon for one or more of your membership levels, you can submit the coupons to all of these coupon sites. This will instantly generate backlinks to your website. Many people link back to a landing pages specifically designed for these visitors, while others link directly back to a sign up page.

3.  Leaving Part of Your Blog Open

With the Magic Members plugin, you do not have to make your entire blog a members only area. In fact, you can have a complete blog or articles section open to the public. This will allow you to create as much content for the search engines to index as you want. This is different than using the partial content display option because instead of allowing everyone to see bits and pieces of your members area content, they will see entire articles or blog posts that are created solely for public consumption.

There are a number of other ways that the Magic Members plugin can improve the SEO efforts of your blog. However, the 3 most effective are allowing for partial content display, creating coupons and distributing them on coupon and discount websites, and leaving a portion of blog open to public access.

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