3 Ways a WordPress Membership Plugin Can Improve Your Advertising

When most people are choosing their WordPress membership plugin they are looking at member-related features that will only be seen by people who actually become members. The problem with this is that you could be missing out on a number of advertising opportunities or be creating a lot more work for yourself than necessary. Here are 3 ways that the right WordPress membership plugin can improve your advertising and promotion efforts.

1. Membership Tiers

The first feature that should be considered essential is the ability to create an unlimited number of membership tiers. You might be thinking that creating a free trial, bronze, silver, and gold tier should be enough, but that isn’t the case. The truth is that every time that you run a promotion, you would have to change these tiers to fit the promotion. A much easier strategy is to simply have the ability to create an unlimited number of tiers. For example, if you run a special membership discount that is only going to be promoted by a few select super-affiliates, then you will need to create a new tier solely for their referrals In short, you should be able to create a new tier for each unique promotion you run if the need arises.

2. Teaser Content

Another great way to promote your membership site is to provide some teaser content. A lot of marketers make the mistake of thinking that a free trial is the same as offering teaser content, but the truth is that teaser content can actually push more people to sign up for the free trial. A current trend to create some text and video for each members area post. Placing the first few paragraphs on content above the video and the rest below it. You can then set up the WordPress membership plugin to make all of the text above the video available to the general public, but the video and the rest of the content is for members only. Not only does this offer SEO benefits, but it also gives people who are not interested in signing up for a free trial a reason to do so.

3. Pay Per View

The use of pay per view or pay per post access has become a very effective way to garner new, paying members. They can purchase a post or two to see what you are offering before they actually sign up for your membership site to see if you are providing the type of content that they are interested in. Not only does this act as another revenue stream, but it is also the perfect way to get them into your sales funnel. When they pay for their one or two posts, you will be able to collect their contact information and add them to your list. Additionally, when priced correctly, after the purchase a few posts, the only logical step for them is to pay for a membership.

As you can see, a high quality WordPress membership plugin not only creates and manages your members are, but should also provide you with a number of different abilities that you can leverage to improve your advertising efforts.

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  • Jason A says:

    This is a great list of ways using a membership plug-in can help with advertising. Another great feature which has become common and most WordPress membership site plug-ins is using coupons. Coupons are a great way to bring in new customers and create a sense of urgency which will make sure they purchase today rather than waiting for a better deal later. The number of coupon websites online is larger than ever so you also get free back links back to your membership site.

    Using affiliates is another great way to advertise essentially for free. This is one reason I like the magic members plug-in for my membership site because the magic affiliate plug-in is designed specifically for it. It is made managing my affiliates very easy and has the tools necessary to reward my best affiliates while providing training to affiliates that need a little more help along the way.

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