3 Most Popular Adult Payment Gateways

3 Most Popular Adult Payment Gateways

An Overview of the 3 Most Popular Adult Payment Gateways

The adult entrainment industry is continually expanding online which makes a reliable adult payment gateway critical to success. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to find payment processers that will allow adult entertainment merchants to use their service. This is primarily because adult websites are considered high risk merchants due to the large number of account cancelations, chargebacks, fraud, and charge disputes. Fortunately, there are a variety of credible adult payment gateways which can be used for an adult website. Keep in mind, that many merchants will charge higher processing fees for adult websites since they are considered high risk merchants. Three popular adult payment gateway include CCBill, Epoch, and Zombaio.

CCBill Payment Gateway

CCBill is has been around since 1998 and is currently processing payments for more than 30,000 websites worldwide. Not only do they provide an all-in- one e-commerce solution but also boast aggressive fraud protection and risk management services. CCBill features a variety of tools and capabilities which are critical for adult entertainment websites. For example, they offer tools which allow for dynamic pricing which is essential for dating-related adult websites. Additionally, CCBill makes it easy for users to quickly purchase additional content which is important for live entertainment or pay- per-minute monetization. Finally, CCBill allows for a global reach with a variety of international payment methods. CCBill also has a dedicated integration and API center to ensure developers can quickly integrate CCBill into a current website.

Epoch Payment Gateway

Epoch also accepts a variety of global payment methods in over a dozen languages. All product prices are instantly converted into the consumer’s local currency. Epoch has the ability to bill consumers in a number of ways including recurring billing, per unit billing, one-time billing, and one click billing. This  flexibility makes it easy for an adult website to charge customers for all types of content formats from monthly memberships to live-chat/video. Additionally, Epoch provides a full-featured processing solution with all-inclusive rates. This makes it easy to determine exactly what an adult website’s fees will be. The best part is the volume discount is applied automatically without the need for any reserve funds.

All in one pricing includes secured payment pages, Level 1 PCI compliance, customizable forms, and a worldwide call center.

Zombaio Payment Gateway

Zombaio accepts payments for all forms of online content and specifically emphasizes its ability to provide solutions for the online entertainment industry. Zombaio is best known for three different types of payment applications – memberships, live charges, and basket charges. Memberships are one of the most popular methods of adult website monetization. Zombaio also offer a “live charge” features which allows for flexible live entertainment billing. This method is most popular for websites operating on credits or tokens. The final option is the basket charges which is essentially a pay-per solution. A unique aspect is it allows for dynamic pricing so website owners can set parameters which can increase or decrease the price of a particular digital good. The best part is Epoch allows adult webmasters to sign up for credit card clearing at rates as low as 4.9% with no startup fees. Additionally, daily payouts are available which is incredibly rare for adult website payment gateways. Choosing the right payment gateway for an adult website is critical to ensure a smooth user experience with minimal backend complications. CCBill, Epoch, and Zombaio all offer a unique set of features and comparatively low rates compared to other online adult payment gateways.

  • Adam says:

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  • We create adult websites and integrate your websites with CCbill, Epoch and Zombaio payment gateways. If you want a professional website with subscription and e-commerce features, please check our website for more details.

  • I have always wondered what makes emergent high risk. I understand that adult websites have a greater chance for fraud and chargebacks but there are a number of other websites that are considered high risk. I have had several payment processors cancel my account or freeze it because they identified my website is high risk even though I didn’t have a large number of chargebacks. Is this because they looked at my content and what I was selling? If this is the case then it seems like they just lump a bunch of websites into a high-risk category even though they are necessarily high risk.
    I have used the CCBill payment gateway and it was easy to set up and use but it can get expensive if you don’t have a lot of payments in a billing cycle compared to other payment processors. I haven’t looked at Zombaio at all. Epoch seems like it could be a good solution and could be a good fit. I like that it has all-inclusive rates which makes it easy to predict how much I’m going to pay and transaction fees every month.

  • Berny says:

    My two cents as an adult shop owner… ccBill has been a grand dad of adult payment processing for the last 20 yrs ( maybe more… not sure). However, I had excellent experience setting up Payline. Just so you are aware it’s worth checking the alternatives.

  • Patti says:

    I know that Cardinity can provide services for adult entertainment websites. They are actually very responsive if you ask anything or need help. Here’s some information about the Cardinity payment gateway https://cardinity.com/merchant-accounts/crd-payment-gateway

  • Steve Westin says:

    Zombaio is going out of business. They are still activating new accounts and you may get one or 2 payouts, but those will stop in a few weeks. They are stealing all small accounts and partially paying larger accounts that can afford a lawyer, so they are keeping them on ice.” If you have funds due from Zombaio, under $5,000 usd, you will never see that money again. They are stealing everything they can because they know you will not hire a lawyer and sue a company that is overseas.

  • Docstone says:

    I just read this comment by Steve Westin dated Nov 14, 2018. Today is May 8, 2019 and Zombaio is still in business. I am curious if anyone has additional information on this? Or is Steve Westin just making this up? And Steve if you read this please follow up. Thanks.

  • Tom says:

    At the beginning everythnig is ok, then they’ll keep your money with poor excuses. I’m searching for a lawyer rn!!

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