The 3 Fundamental Steps of a Successful Membership Site Launch

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The 3 Fundamental Steps of a Successful Membership Site Launch

The most common mistake made when building a successful membership site is getting too caught up in the creation process. Many membership sites fail, not because they don’t offer great content or a solid value, but rather because little thought has been put into how to get members before the launch. In less you have a large cushion of time and resources in which few paying members can support your membership site, it is critical to emphasize the initial launch of a membership site. In order to do this there are three fundamental steps which must be completed.

Boosting Awareness of Your Target Audience

The first step is boosting awareness within your target audience. Every membership site should be built with a specific target audience in mind. Once the target audience has been identified it is critical to implement marketing strategies to ensure the target audience is aware of the upcoming membership site launch. There are a variety of simple and straightforward methods which consistently proved to be effective at boosting awareness. One of the most well-known strategies is offering a free training course or video course. This allows you to directly engage with your target audience without giving away your premium membership site content. Ideally, the content in your training program will lead into what you are offering in your membership site.

Live webinars are a similar strategy which can be even more effective because they give your audience a way to directly engage with you. Similar to the free training strategy it is important to not give away the farm with the webinar rather treated as a lead in which generates qualified leads. It also gives you a way to introduce your product after you have demonstrated your knowledge on the subject area.

Raising Interest in Your Membership Offer

Once your target audience has become increasingly aware of your membership site launch, the next step is increasing their interest in actually making the purchase. There are a variety of simple strategies which can achieve this. One of the most obvious strategies is to organize a content blitz. Essentially, you are becoming the face of your membership site. An easy way to do this is by seeking out blogs or other online resources your target audience often interacts with and find a way to get in front of them.

Creating a Strong Pre-Launch Demand

The final step is finding a way to create a strong demand immediately prior to your number ship site launch. The easiest way to do this is by offering a special launch price or unique bonus for signing up during the initial launch period. Launches are one of the only times that an Internet marketer truly has scarcity on their side. By setting a small window of time for your launch discount it gives your target audience a real reason to sign up early rather than waiting to see how the membership site is received by others.

By following these three fundamental steps it is significantly more likely your membership site launch will be successful. As an added bonus, a successful membership site launch can quickly create additional word-of-mouth advertising which will consistently bring in more customers over time.

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  • Olga E. Overholt says:

    This was some interesting information. I have never launched a membership site cold. By this I mean all of my membership sites have been the natural evolution of blogs or other websites I have managed. Since the website itself was already there, it was easy to create awareness with my target audience because they were already visiting the website.

    I have never used a live webinar but have seen some that were really good. I have always found it fascinating that you can hold a single live webinar and then replay it and still make it feel like it is live. I think the key to doing this is answering questions in the original webinar.

    A few people I have talked to will pre-record the live webinar and then login to do a question and answer session at the very end. While this isn’t really a live webinar it does make it feel live.Prelaunch demand is something I have never really taken into consideration but reading this tip I do these things anyways or people who are currently visiting my website are signed up to my own mailing list. It makes sense though.

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