3 Content Trends That Will Only Get Stronger in 2019

3 Content Trends That Will Only Get Stronger in 2019

3 Content Trends That Will Only Get Stronger in 2019

Membership website owners are often behind the curve when it comes to content trends. This is because
they have spent months or even years developing content for their membership website and current
members are happy to pay for the content being produced. While this does provide WordPress membership
site owners with passive income it could leave them behind the eight ball over the long run. Look at five big
content trends that will only get stronger heading into 2019 and think of ways to integrate them into your
current content creation strategy.

Video Content is Growing but Also Changing

Video content has been a staple for many online marketers for the last several years. It is still incredibly
effective and is a relatively inexpensive way to repurpose content. While video itself is popular the most
effective video content is beginning to change. And easy way to visualize this is by looking at Facebook video
content. There are numerous case studies which focus on size, length, and style of videos which are
becoming more effective. At the same time, there is a different size, length, and style which will be effective
on other platforms such as YouTube. While video itself is a trend that remain strong, it will become stronger
in 2019 because it will continue to become more segmented and specialized.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a style of content that has seen waves of popularity over the past decade. It became
popular through platforms like Google groups and live chat and membership websites but began to wane as
the platforms were never fully built out. Facebook has brought live streaming back into the mainstream and
it can now be considered a global phenomenon. 2019 will likely see a continued shift to live streaming over
more static content such as membership website forums. As a membership website owner, it may prove
more valuable to live stream calls, reviews, and other types of content presentation and record them for later
use. This will increase the perceived value of your membership website because members know they will get
direct interaction with the content creators once or twice a month.

Mobile Content is Critical

Over the past several years, more marketers are focusing on mobile platforms when they develop marketing
materials and strategies. While this is necessary it falls short of what will be necessary in 2019 and beyond is
a membership website owner. You need to start thinking about how your membership website itself,
specifically the members area, will become more mobile content friendly. This could be integrating the use of
social media platforms like Snapchat and other mobile only applications, a membership area app solely for
members, or simply a basic website redesign with a greater emphasis placed on mobile layouts.
It is always difficult to predict the future of online marketing and membership websites, especially with new
online social media platforms and content consumption changes, but that doesn’t mean there are some
obvious trends which must be integrated into your current strategy to stay ahead of the curve in 2019 and
beyond. Focusing on platform specific video content, the use of live streaming, and mobile content layout will
prove critical in separating the most profitable membership websites from the rest of the pack.

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