$100 store credit from Templates Catalog

$100 store credit from Templates Catalog

When you purchase multiple license (3-site or unlimited license) of Magic Members WordPress membership plugin, you receive $100 store credit from TemplatesCatalog.com

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  • Is this offer still available?
    I was considering getting an unlimited license because I have a bunch of smaller websites that I think I could turn into a membership site. I haven’t purchased anything from TemplatesCatalog.com before but I do like what they have on their site.

    They seem to have a lot of different options available for graphics and web elements but their buttons are limited. A $100 store credit would be nice but many of the items on this website are so inexpensive it would almost be difficult to use the full credit although this could be a good thing I guess.

    A bulk of their items seem to be print items such as business cards and brochures which isn’t something I would need to use often, especially not $100 since they are five to $10 apiece.
    Still, I guess it is better to have the store credit and not need it than to have to pay for something if the credit is still available.

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