Magic Members is a premium WordPress Membership Plugin that turns your WordPress blog into a powerful, fully automated membership site.

More Than A WordPress Membership Plugin

Check Magic Members Powerful Features

Payment Module Integrations

Magic Members allows your members to pay with 1ShoppingCart, PayPal Standard, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, 2CheckOut, Stripe, CCBill,, ClickBank, WorldPay, MoneyBookers, iDeal, Epoch, Payza, Ogone, SagePay, eWay, PagSeguro and Manual Pay (Click Here for the details). Do you want to accept payment only from one payment gateway? Simply deactivate the payment modules you don’t want to use. Magic Members gives you the ability to use different payment gateways for different subscription packages. It truly is an easy and seamless way to accept payments for your membership site!

Download Manager

Protect downloads from being accessed by unauthorized members and guests by assigning permissions based on the different levels of access. Only those memberships with the assigned permissions will be able to access the download.

Custom Widgets

Magic Members has ready widgets such as; Login, Register, Text and Status Widgets. You can simply add & remove the custom widgets from Appearance –> widgets

Unlimited Coupon Creation

Coupons can be generated to either offer a fixed price or percentage discount on current subscription or to generate new subscription.

Control Subscription Length

Control how long memberships are valid with membership expiration. Want your “Basic” memberships to expire after two week? You can do that. This feature works great for limited or trial memberships.

Autoresponder Integrations

Magic Members has seamless integration with AWeber, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact, AutoResponse Plus, Sendy, GVO and MailChimp.

Flexible Membership Options

In addition to the different levels of membership, you are also able to set different membership billing options with an unlimited amount of subscriptions. Whether you want to charge daily, weekly, monthly or even annually, you will have complete control in how your members pay for their subscriptions. For example, ‘Standard’ memberships may pay monthly, while ‘Premium’ memberships pay annually.

Multiple Membership Levels Purchase

Magic Members allows your users to purchase more than one membership level (optional). This way you can increase your income easily. User can view and manage all their subscriptions on their Membership Details page.

S3 Amazon Support

You can benefit from Amazon S3 with Magic Members. Even if your files in Amazon’s server. We will protect them. Audio, Video or any other files will be secure with us. You don’t need to pay extra for Amazon S3 protection.

Sequential Course Delivery System

Control what your members see with the built-in Sequential Course Delivery System (Drip Feed). This feature allows you to create delays (in days) before your members see certain content or articles. Sequential Course Delivery System allows you to develop your content and make it available to your members on a weekly or monthly basis. The Sequential Course Delivery System component helps make Magic Members a very powerful WordPress membership plug-in.

Just A Few of Magic Members Powerful Features…

Probably the Best WordPress Membership Plugin

Integrates With Your WordPress Site

Simply follow a few easy steps and Magic Members will turn your existing blog, or new blog, into a powerful membership site. Just unzip, upload and activate it.

Controlled Content Access

If you have different levels of membership, you will appreciate the Controlled Content Access. Control what the different levels of memberships see. If you want your “Standard” or “Basic” members to have limited access, simple “hide” the information you don’t want them to see.

Partial Content Display

Control exactly how much content and information you want members and visitors to see with Magic Members’s [ private ] [ /private ] tags. These tags allow you to hide information within content and articles and made viewable based on permissions assigned to the different membership levels. This feature is particularly useful in providing “teaser” articles that give just enough information that will make non-members want to become members.

Custom Post Type Support

Control exactly how much content and information you want members and visitors to see with Magic Members’s [ private ] [ /private ] tags. These tags allow you to hide information within content and articles and made viewable based on permissions assigned to the different membership levels. This feature is particularly useful in providing “teaser” articles that give just enough information that will make non-members want to become members.

Secure RSS Tokens

Provide your members the ability to receive content through RSS feeds without worrying about non-members accessing it. Magic Members uses specially formulated tokens that create unique URLs available only to members and the administration of your membership site, allowing members to add your content to their RSS reader.

Login Redirection

Control what your members see when they log-in with the Log-in Redirection. Certain levels of membership may warrant different welcoming pages. Using the Log-in Redirection, you can send different membership levels to different pages. This is a perfect way to provide your members updates, news, and welcome messages.

Import & Export Users

With import feature you can import your previous members to your site. Our import module supports both .xls and .csv files. You can not only add new users, but also update the existing users’ data. With Export feature, you can export all your users and their membership and profile data with it.

Pay Per Post Access

Allow even more flexibility with the Pay Per Post access feature. Magic Members provides you the ability to allow free memberships to purchase content or articles on a per post basis. Even better, each post can be assigned its own price and your members can purchase as little or as much content as they would like.

Pay Per View

Do you have a video site and you want to charge your members per video they view? Then pay per view feature is for you. You can set the access limit to 1 (if you want, you can change this number), so the user who paid can access the page only 1 time. After that his access will be disabled.

Unlimited Membership Levels

Magic Members, the WordPress membership plugin, takes your membership site to the next level with the ability to control access to different levels across your membership site. The ability to offer different membership access to different areas, such as a download area, increases value for your membership levels.

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Entire Blog Protection

Magic Members allows you to completely prevent guests from accessing information available to members only. Anytime a guest tries to access a page or category that is specifically for members, they will be redirected to log-in. Once the guest is logged in, the content is made available according to the levels of permissions you have assigned. This method makes Magic Members a very powerful WordPress subscription plug-in.

Roles and Capabilities Support

Actually more than that. With version 1.6 you will have built-in Roles and Capabilities module. You won’t need to install other plugins and experience compatibility issues. You can create custom roles and attach them to any subscription pack you want.

Forum Integrations

Magic Members integrates Simple:Press and Mingle forums.

Automatic Expiration E-mail Reminder

Magic Members has built-in subscription expiration reminder system. This way your members will receive an e-mail (customizable) before their subscription expire, so they can extend their membership.

Custom Error Pages

Maintain a consistent look and feel across your entire membership site by easily creating custom error pages.

Guest Purchase

If you don’t want your users to go through the registration process to order your posts, guest purchase feature is for you. When you enable guest purchase feature, your visitors can purchase the post and access right away with the token provided.

Simple Member Management

Magic Members allows you to see all of your members, their status, level and other information in one easy to read location. You can easily upgrade, deactivate or delete a member – which allows you complete control over your membership site.

Sales Report

With our extensive report menu, you can check your sales for subscription and post purchases. You can also check your earnings which includes your previous ongoing subscription purchases. We also have projection report to estimate how much money you will have on the upcoming months. All these reports also can be exported as PDF.

Membership Site Plugin for WordPress

When You Purchase Magic Members, You Receive 1 Year Free Unlimited Support & Updates…

FREE 1 Year Unlimited Support


Most importantly, we are here for you. Knowledgeable and friendly support team is available to you Monday – Saturday, 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. (EST).
If you’re not able to find your answers in our training videos, support guides, or comprehensive FAQs, simply contact our support staff and they will be happy to help you. It is very important to us that you are able to get your membership site up and running quickly and smoothly, so strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Free Support
Magic Members Updates

FREE 1 Year Unlimited Updates


When you purchase today, you’ll also receive unlimited updates for an entire year. This means that as we add new features to Magic Members, you will receive them completely free of charge for one year. The updates are easily installed and do not require any additional configuration or tweaking and we always stay up-to-date with the current version of WordPress, so there is no need to worry about your blog becoming technically outdated.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is Magic Members a monthly recurring payment to use the system?

No! Magic Members is a one-time fee. When you purchase our plugin, you can use it forever. Your license also comes with free version updates and support for a year.

Is Magic Members compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

Of course! We make sure that Magic Members performs perfectly with all the new WordPress versions.

Can I install Magic Members plugin by myself?

Absolutely! Magic Members’ installation is just like any other WordPress plugin. Just upload it and activate it.

If I purchase a Single License, can I upgrade it to 3 Users License or Unlimited License?

Yes, you can upgrade your license in 30 days without paying anything extra. Let’s say you bought Single License for $97 and you want to upgrade it to Unlimited License which is $207. You pay only $110 to upgrade your license to Unlimited License. If you would like to upgrade your license after 30 days it will cost you an extra $47, so will need to pay $157.

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