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Managing a WordPress website can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have a membership site plugin that you like to use. We have developed a WordPress membership plugin that is incredibly user friendly. You can learn more about all of the great features we offer on this site. Some of our most popular features include seamless payment module integrations and simple member management. You can keep track of all of the statistics that pertain to your WordPress site with our membership software. If you have any questions regarding Magic Members, don’t hesitate to send us an email. We want you to be sure that this is the right membership site plugin for you.

Take Advantage of the New Magic Members Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

Recently the Magic Members plugin added to the already staggering number of payment processors that can be natively integrated into a membership site with the addition of Stripe. Stripe has hit the ground running and is the ideal solution for a number of membership site owners who are tired of dealing with PayPal. While comparing Stripe to PayPal isn’t necessarily an accurate direct comparison, Stripe has become the number one alternative to PayPal for many site owners.

1. Stripe Features Simple Pricing

Stripe boasts one of the simplest pricing structures of all major online payment gateways. Currently, it features a 2.9% charge + $.30 per charge. If your membership site meets volume criterion the $.30 charge can be reduced. The best part is all of your earning are transferred to your bank account on a 7 day rolling basis. A key feature for membership site owners is there won’t be any monthly fees or refund costs. If a refund takes place, Stripe will return the entire fee.

2. Stripe Lets Membership Site Owners Process Payments Directly on Their Site

Another unique characteristic of Stripe is it allows payments to be processed onsite. This is one reason some people don’t refer to it as a payment gateway. It also eliminates the need for merchant bank accounts. Since Stripe processes all payments onsite with its own security technology, membership site owners also don’t need to worry about PCI compliance.

3. Stripe Boasts an Excellent API

One reason it takes a lot of time for some payment processors to become integrated with membership site plugins is their API is hard to work with. Not only does this slow down the initial integration, it can also cause problems as the API changes. Stripe features library integration with every major web programming language. The JavaScript integration is what allows membership site owners to embed the functionality directly into their website with no effort – just a simple copy and paste of code. This also ensures it can seamless be integrated into mobile website as well.

4. Unique and Useful Analytics

Few payment processors offer a full range of analytics. As a result, membership site owners often spend as much time exporting and formatting data as they do actually analyzing it. Stripe offers a full balance history which can be exported into individual activities. This includes payments, refunds, and disputes to ensure owners get the full picture of the financial health of their membership site. Along with exporting data, Stripe also offers a full online dashboard.

5. Excellent Customer Service

If there is one arena that most popular payment processors fail it is customer service. Support is often fairly slow considering how critical it is to keep a payment gateway operating at all times. Stripe offers a variety of different ways to stay in contact during the support process. This includes email, IRC channels, and live support. The only potential drawback is there currently isn’t phone support.

It may go unnoticed by some Magic Member plugin users are currently happy with their payment processor and payment gateway, but the value of Stripe integration shouldn’t be understated. It doesn’t matter if you are setting up a brand new membership site or are simply looking to improve the user experience of your current one, Stripe is definitely a payment processor worth considering.

Drip feeding content has long been a staple of popular membership sites, especially when continuity membership programs became the norm. Currently there has been a decline in the use of drip feeding as a greater emphasis is placed on social features, live streaming, and webinars. While these activities will continue to become popular, and possibly even essential, components to building a successful membership site that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the value of drip feeding content.

1. Increased Customer Retention

One of the best reasons to drip feed content is it improves customer retention. It doesn’t matter what type of membership site you are running, there is an opportunity to drip feed content as part of your overall strategy. Even if your site is primarily composed of live webinars you can repackage all of the content in those webinars and drip feed it to newer members who have missed previous webinars. You can even drip feed old webinars without altering them. This ensures you members always feel like they are getting access to new content.

2. Less Content Needed Before Launch
Another benefit of drip feeding content is your initial launch phase can be shortened. If you want to launch a fully developed membership site without drip feeding content, then all of the content needs to be created and uploaded beforehand. If you are drip feeding content, you can create enough content for only a month or two and still have a successful launch. Plus, if you suddenly have a lot of content, you can drip feed it over time to your members rather than bombarding them with it all at once. Continue reading “5 Reason Every Membership Site Should Utilize Content Drip Feeding” »

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Magic Members WordPress membership Plugin

The Magic Members plugin is constantly introducing new features. One of the latest additions is the new Member List feature. It can be used for a variety of different purposes to enhance a membership site and increase user interactivity. Here is a quick overview of this new feature and how it can be used.

What is the New Member List Feature?

The new Member List feature is an easy way to create a member directory. It is an additional functionality that works with the Public User Profile feature. Website owners can now give members direct access to a full member’s directory. This is a great way to give members the ability to communicate with other members without needing to maintain a full-fledged forum.

How Does the New Member List Feature Work?

To make integration easy, website owners can manage everything through short codes. Here is a quick example of how the short codes can be used.

[user_list use_field=image, first_name, last_name, email, zip use_filter=email, zip, first_name sort_by=id, username, email, reg_date, zip, last_name sort_type=desc, asc page_limit=10]

By giving the website owner a variety of built-in shortcode parameters, the Member List feature is extremely flexible and customizable. The key areas to focus on when using the shortcode is the use_field, use_filter, sort_by, sort_type, and page_limit. These commands are what make the Member List feature so flexible. It gives you completely control over the members included in the list, how they are sorted, how they are filtered, and even the amount of results displayed on a page. Continue reading “A Closer Look at the New Member List Feature” »

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